Stop Your Waco Home Foreclosure by Knowing Your Options

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Have you recently fallen upon hard times, which has prevented you from keeping up on your mortgage payments?

Whether your lender has filed a Notice of Default, or you simply fear the inevitable outcome of foreclosure, there is hope. Learn a few strategies to prevent your foreclosure—and regain peace of mind in the process.  

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How to Stop Your Foreclosure in Waco, Texas

Foreclosure is a hard situation to face as a Waco homeowner, but you do not have to go through the fight alone. At I Can Stop Your Foreclosure, we provide our clients with offers on their houses that have no strings attached–no matter what the situation surrounding the sale, or the condition of the home. Stopping foreclosure can be achieved with the help of our team of foreclosure specialists.

Selling Your Waco Home During the Foreclosure Process

You may think you have no hope in stopping your foreclosure after being issued a notice of default, but you can actually sell your home up until it is sold at auction, or the bank takes possession of your Waco home. Our team can still help you stop foreclosure when you are considered to be in pre-foreclosure.

How Does a Sale Help Stop Foreclosure?

One way to stop foreclosure is to sell your home and net enough to pay off your back mortgage payments in addition to the money you still owe to the lender. This helps you avoid serious damage to your credit that could affect your financial situation for years to come.

Opting to sell your home to us quickly will take some of the pressure of you and your family and allow your to move forward with minimal damage done.

Stop Foreclosure in Waco with Fair Offer

Even if you believe you have no equity in your home, at I Can Stop Your Foreclosure, we believe in giving you a fair offer for your home. Our offer does not include any hidden closing costs or real estate agent commissions, which allows us to give you the maximum possible value for their home.

At I Can Stop Your Foreclosure, we are fully invested in conducting business with the utmost integrity. We are a family-owned, small business that was started by childhood friends, so we still have old-fashioned values that permeate our way of doing business. We believe in helping those facing hard times with a relief solution to help them move forward.

How Quickly Can You Stop My Foreclosure?

While every Waco foreclosure is unique with its own set of challenges, at I Can Stop Your Foreclosure, we guarantee an offer on your home within 24 hours. We often complete the closing process within five days after our offer is made.

Your situation deserves personal attention, so contact us today to learn how we can stop your foreclosure in its tracks.